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Step 8


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

R'' = Half turn of right face

Ok, so you have one of those wierd cubes with designs or words on the center pieces, and you want them all facing the right way. You wern't satisfied with solving just the colors; you want to be perfect. Ok!

Note: On most cubes the orientation of the center pieces dont matter because you can't tell. You can, however, solve the cube and then draw arrows on all the middles pointing in the same direction. Now, the object is to solve the cube AND get the arrows pointing the same direction again. Here is how to untwist the middle pieces.

By now you probably know how to do moves from my diagrams, so here they are. If you need to do a move that isn't in these pictures then just do one of the first two moves and then see what your cube looks like.

These two moves rotates two center pieces a quarter turn in opposite directions.

This move rotates one center piece half a turn:

There, now your really done!

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