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Step 3


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

R'' = Half turn of right face

The third step is to get the cube looking like this:You need to be able to view the pictures

For this step it is important that you know what the "working corner" is. If you don't know, then go back to the previous step

Now, what you want to do is solve the middle edges. You will probably be lucky and have one that is already solved, but don't worry if you don't because there are only 3 ways for it to be in the wrong place. Two of the ways are if it is in the UP layer.

First find an edge piece in the UP layer that belongs in the middle layer. Now, find where it should go in the middle layer, and rotate the whole cube so that this middle layer spot is on your front right. Now, rotate the DOWN face until the working corner is exactly under the middle edge piece which we are going to fix. Now rotate the UP layer until the piece that belongs in the middle layer matches the color of a middle center piece. Confused? Try rotating the top, middle and bottom layers of the cube until it looks like one of these pictures. Now do the appropriate moves.

What happens if there are no pieces in the UP layer that need to go in the middle layer you ask? Well, this means that all of the middle pieces are in the middle, but in the wrong places or twisted the wrong way:

So, just like we did in step 2 with the corners, you need to put the wrong piece in one of these places in order to get this piece in the top. Once the correct piece has been moved to the UP layer we can solve it with one of the above sequences of moves. Remember to place the working corner directly below the middle edge where you are moving the pieces.

Remember only to solve three of the edges The unsolved edge will be called the "working edge" and will be donated by "WE". The next step will fix the working edge and corner.

Still getting the hang of it?

Onward to Step 4 next

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