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Step 4


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

R'' = Half turn of right face

The fourth step is to get the cube looking like this:You need to be able to view the pictures

Now you have the bottom 2 layers solved except for the working corner, and the working edge. Rotate the cube until the working corner is on the bottom right facing you as in the diagrams below. You want to fix the working corner. This move is exactly like the move we did in Step 2. Here are the three posible moves.

Just like in Step 2, if the corner piece is in the right place, but twisted the wrong way, simply place an incorrect piece in its spot using one of the sequences above, and then use another one of the sequences again to solve the corner. This technique of placing an incorrect piece in a spot in order move the correct piece to a better position should be familiar by now.

Now your cube looks like this:

To solve the working edge there are only a few things to do. Rotate the UP layer until it looks like one of these pictures and then do the move.

Almost done!

Onward to Step 5 next

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