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Step 5


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

R'' = Half turn of right face

The fifth step is to get the cube looking like this:You need to be able to view the pictures

Now you have the entire cube solved except for the top layer. Good work! That was the easy part. Here comes the hard stuff. The last 4 edges are going to be in the upper layer but probably not twisted the right way, and probably not in the right place. The first thing that you want to do is get all the edges twisted the right way. In other words, you want it to look like this:

Luckily, there are only 3 orientations you need to worry about. Either none of the edges are flipped the right way, or there are two flipped the right way. In the later case, the correct edges could be adjacent or opposite each other. Find out which it is, position the cube correctly, and then do the proper moves.

For the case when all 4 edges are flipped the wrong way, just pick one of the above pictures and do it. That gets it half way there. Now twist the top and apply that move again to finish it up.

Now, the last 4 edges will be turned the right way, but they will be in the wrong places. You will now have to preform a few swaps. There are 4 different swapping moves, so you will have to figure out which one you need to use. Here are the pictures and moves that you might need to make.

Two more steps!

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