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Step 7


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

R'' = Half turn of right face

The last step is to get the cube looking like this:You need to be able to view the pictures

This is probably the most complicated step. It will look like you are totally screwing up the cube, but it will work out right in the end. There are only 2 sequences for this step. One to rotate a corner clockwise and one to rotate it counterclockwise.

This becomes a little tricky, because you need to do these following moves in pairs. First you rotate some corner piece; then rotate another corner in the OPPOSITE direction. Don't be scared if the cube looks messed up after one of the sequences. If you perform the other sequence without moving the cube then it will undo itself. Between sequences, just turn the UP face until a corner which needs rotation in the other direction is in the upper right hand corner.

For example, here is how to solve a cube from this particular position: (parentheses are used for clarification only):

If it doesn't look like there is a corner that needs to be twisted the other way, just twist anything. Eventually you'll get it.

Thats it. You are done!

If you have a cube with writing on the middle pieces, then check out Step 8 to untwist them.

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