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Stilletto Puzzle Solution

The object of this puzzle is to thread the washer onto the nail. It's harder than you think.

First, get the tip of the nail in the washer. This takes a little practice. You can either keep shaking it gently a bunch of times till it lands in the washer or you can slide it in there. To slide it, sandwich the nail between the wall and the washer. Now, gently tap the bottom of the puzzle until the tip of the nail is resting on the washer. Now tilt the puzzle and aim. The nail should slide into the hole in the washer.

Now comes the tricky part. To get the washer up the nail, you have to hold the puzzle and gently bring it down and turn it upright as if you are making a big letter J in the air. This should thread the washer up to the top of the nail. You may have to try a few times.

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