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Bottled Frustration Puzzle Solution

The object of this puzzle is to remove all the parts from the bottle.

Step 1: Use the ball as little wedge to twist the nut off the bolt. You'll have to position the ball and nut like this birds eye view picture and then carefully pull the wooden dowel in and out. The ball with turn the nut a little bit on each pull.

Step 2: Now you need to get the pin out. To do this, push the dowel into one of the corners and wiggle it side to side. The pin should jiggle out.


Now, everything should fall right out of the bottle.

Putting it back together again is much harder. You'll have to reverse the process which requires some steady hands. Notice that the holes on the dowel are not symetrical. This is important. The pin goes in the side shown on the top image.

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