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Nut on Peg


The solid piece of wood and solid nut can be put together. Can you figure out how?

Well, to be honest this one was done with some trickery. I cut the wood and put it back together inside the nut.

The tricky part is getting the wood to stick back together. Anyone who has worked with wood knows that you cannot glue end-grain to end-grain, so how did I glue the ends together? I used a peg. So I cut the wood in half, and drilled a small hole in each end. Then I inserted a peg with some glue and put it all back together again.

If you pick your wording correctly when answering questions, you can keep people guessing for awhile without needing to lie about the construction. I suggest cutting the wood using something other than a saw, so you can say that you never sawed the wood.

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