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Deck of Cards Bottle

Object Image Full Size: 2.600" x 3.600" x 0.650"
Squeezable Size: 1.000"

2.7" inner diameter bottle needed. Do one card at a time.

Step 1: Remove the plastic wrapper and toss. I have not figured out how to convincingly reproduce the plastic wrap inside the bottle yet. Remove the cards.

Step 2: Heat the sticker with a blow dryer. It will come off easily without tearing.

Step 3: Using a blow dryer again, or using a sharpe hobby knife, slice open the bottom seam of the box so that it can be flattened.

Step 4: Insert flattend and roled up box into the bottle and unflatten. Using a bent piece of wire or other appropriate tool, reseal the bottom seam with glue. Superglue dries to fast to allow you to get it in the right place, so use some elmers glue and be patient.

Step 5: Insert one card at a time.

Step 6: Close the box and heat the sticker to make it sticky so it can reattach. Use some more glue if it doesnt get sticky enough.

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